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2024-03-22 MarketAlerts celebrated its 18th Anniversary
2023-03-22 MarketAlerts celebrated its 17th Anniversary
2022-03-22 MarketAlerts celebrated its 16th Anniversary
2021-03-22 MarketAlerts celebrated its 15th Anniversary
2020-10-14 First AI project, bonManager beta version is released
2020-05-04 XL Flash Report 2.0 beta version is released
2020-03-23 MarketAlerts launched Business API
2020-03-22 MarketAlerts celebrated its 14th Anniversary
2019-03-22 MarketAlerts celebrated its 13th Anniversary
2018-03-29 New app: KYC Screening Report is released
2018-03-22 New service: Fiscal Status Report is released
2018-03-22 MarketAlerts celebrated its 12th Anniversary
2017-05-11 New app: XL Flash Report version 1.21 is released
2017-03-22 MarketAlerts celebrated its 11th Anniversary
2017-03-06 XL Flash Report beta version is released
2016-08-29 MarketAlerts launched Easy Tutorials, a learning zone based on quick video tours
2016-03-22 MarketAlerts celebrated its 10th Anniversary
2016-03-22 New app: Basic Assistant has been released, an Excel add-in
2016-03-22 SMART Apps Store is launched under SMART Company Apps™ brand
2016-03-14 MarketAlerts published the Catalog of the Most Wanted Companies in Romania
2016-02-15 New service: Pledges (GM) Report / Raportul Ipotecilor Mobiliare
2016-02-02 2011 - 2015 Evolution of the Overdue Debts to State in Romania
2016-01-01 MarketAlerts.ro has a new design
2015-05-17 Check companies by email with INSTANT Business Card
2006-03-22 MarketAlerts.ro has been launched

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