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Your Benefits

We Make Life Safer & Easier

Ever since March 2006, MarketAlerts provides daily alerts and business reports for Romanian markets, to make your life safer. We also offer tools and develop compact applications on-demand, to make your life easier.

We address the demand for knowledge & performance of investors, bankers, business owners, financial accountants and other selected professionals.

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Value Partners

It's All About Trust

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Market Alerts

Be the First to Know

To our subscribers, mainly working in almost all Romanian banks and leasing companies, we currently send three email alerts on each business day. It is free and includes a quick and simple one-click-unsubscribe option.

The first alert is sent After the Opening of Bucharest Stock Exchange, while the last one is sent Before its Closing. These two newsletters refer to four different markets: Money Market, Forex Market, Capital Market and Real Estate Market.

The second alert refers to the exchange official rates of the Romanian New Leu and is sent once these are published by the National Bank of Romania, after 13:00 hours.

Opening & Closing Alert

Exchange Rate Alert

Check out a PDF sample of the Before-Close Alert or browse through all the Exchange Rates of a business day.

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Business Reports

Know your Partner

When we expect to get money, goods or services from a company, we might not get what we anticipated. We are exposed. No matter if we already are, or intend to be a customer, a business partner or an employer. We are at risk.

To better asses our exposure to this risk, of non-performing in the future as expected, we should look closer to company's status today and its trend. Then, we will know what to do next.

When we investigate a company we might discover it is under insolvency, heavily indebted, suspended, declared by Fiscal Authorities as inactive or even erased from the market by the Trade Register, i.e. it has been closed.

We offer you the business reports you need to check any company. So you can relax and shake hands with the right people, from the right company.

Check these sample reports we deliver to our customers:

Flash Report

Financials and overdue debts

Legal Report

Legal cases of the company

Fiscal Status

VAT and fiscal status

Fiscal Card

Detailed Overdue Debts to State


For leasing companies, we also recommend the new Pledges Report, a monthly report of the pledges published by the selected leasing companies.

To check the overdue debts to State of Romanian individuals, either customers or (potential) partners, you have available iDatorii report.

Get access to our reports and see the special offers on our subscription page.

Software Robots

Business Apps for SMART Companies

We live in a faster and competitive world, where time is a priceless asset. Let the technology work for you. Free your time, so you can enjoy it.

Whether you prepare periodically reports, monitor assets or customers, apply KYC procedures, check the VAT status of a company or perform some routine procedure, the SMART Apps can do it faster. Although we develop apps in PHP/MySQL, HTML/JavaScript, including Google Spreadsheets Macros, our favorites are VBA Apps for Excel.

Have you ever wanted to know if an IBAN, CIF or CNP is correct? Have you ever wanted to have the EUR official exchange rate update automatically in an Excel cell, a function such as RON("EUR","2016-02-15")? How does the Excel function OverdueDebtsToState(CIF) sounds to you? What about Turnover(CIF) or TotalAssets(CIF)? We're pretty sure you must have some good ideas, too. Go ahead and tell us your ideas for SMART Apps that can help your business.

We offer SMART Apps for your business so you can save time. Work Smart, Not Hard :)

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Tool Box

Online Tools to Assist You

To build a successful business or a bright career you need genuine information, proper attitude and right tools. Check out some of the tools you can use to reach your goals.

To assist entrepreneurs and sellers is selecting their target market, we have developed the SEARCH Service to find companies and download the selection. Furthermore, you can check out our TOP FIRMS - Catalog of Companies, where you can find the most sought for firms from our database.

Whether you're about to close a new deal, prepare to send or receive money, or just want to be on the safe side, you might need our validations tools:

For our mobile users, we have launched a new service, named INSTANT Business Card. Try it right now!

INSTANT Business Card