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App NameBasic Assistant
CategoryFinance, Banking and Accounting
TypeExcel Add-in
Price10 €
Download ↓ XLAM: Excel 2007+ ↓ XLA: Excel 2003

This app assists you in day-to-day work and contains the following functions:

  • isIBAN(code)
    returns True if code is a valid Romanian IBAN account number or False otherwise
  • isCUI(code)
    returns True if code is a valid Romanian fiscal code or False otherwise
  • isCNP(code)
    returns True if code is a valid Romanian personal identification number or False otherwise
  • RON(symbol,date)
    returns the official RON Exchange Rate for the currency symbol on the specified date. Without any parameters, the RON() function returns the last known EURRON rate. This function requires an Internet connection and uses the last 10 days rates published by the National Bank of Romania. Examples of use: RON('EUR','2016-03-21') or RON('USD')

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